Dolphin Swimming Club's Easter Swim Camps



We are offering an Easter Break Swim Camp for campers aged 4 - 13. Dates and times are as follows:


Session 1:  April 6 - April 9

9:00am - Noon

Monday - Thursday


Session 2: April 14 - April 17

9:00am - Noon

Tuesday - Friday


Structured Swimming Instruction for Campers 4 - 13 years old

For the first-time swimmer, the focus of the Dolphin Swimming Club's Easter camp is to teach the fundamentals of swimming.  These are: proper body position, breathing, increased comfort level with the water and water safety.


For the developing swimmer, we will teach the basics of freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly and help increase their overall level of fitness.  As skill levels enhance, your child will transition from one group to the next.  Swimmers will get approximately 2 hours of swim instruction per day. 



To ensure the highest level of safety at all times, instructors will have Red Cross CPR certification. 


Registration and Applications

You can register for swim camp at St John's College Pool weekdays between 3pm and 6pm.  We urge you to do this to reserve your spot.  Please complete the attached application and bring it with you along with payment when you come to register.  Space at this years camps will be limited to 50 students per week.   Applications are also available HERE



Session 1 - $85

Session 2 - $85

Both Sessions 1 and 2 - $150

**No Registration Fee


What to Bring

All campers will need to bring the following items:

 - proper swimsuit, no jeans or cotton shorts/trunks will be allowed

 - towel

 - girls must wear a swim cap

 - shirt, shorts, tennis shoes and slippers to be worn during breaks, before and after camp.

 - gym bag for all of the above

 - lunch/snack (snacks and drinks will be available at the concession stand)